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Top 5 New Features:

Video: Coordinate Systems
Video: Geoid Modeling
Video: Interface & integrated editor
Video: Point aliasing
Video: Find points

Other Features of MicroSurvey STAR*NET

  It works.
  STAR*NET is the easiest Least Squares Adjustment package to use and understand.
  Using Least Squares makes you more money by allowing more flexibility in how your crews collect measurements.
  The results are clear and simple and have been used by surveyors around the world for more than 20 years.
  It integrates data easily.
  Conventional total station measurements can be easily mixed with GPS vectors and leveling data.
  Different instruments can be mixed on the same job with wide variations of atmospheric conditions. Do part of the job in the summer and part in the winter. Let STAR*NET compensate for the accuracy change.
  Input files are simple to work with and understand.
  The STAR*NET dat input file can be created by many software packages. Records are one per line and can be edited with any text editor.
  Input data can be entered in any order. Your crews can survey from both ends and meet in the middle. No manipulation of the data is necessary.
  Bad measurements can be easily comment out of the input file so the adjustment can be run again and again.
  Results are clear and reliable.
  STAR*NET results are well formatted for quick review.
  The Sum of Squares, Error Factors, and Chi-Square test are sensitive to the inputs and give excellent feedback on what needs to be done to improve your results.
  Reports offer tremendous flexibility so they make sense to you and only include what you want.
  Blunders and errors are quickly spotted.
  It gives you confidence in your work.
  Geo-referencing your surveys is much easier. Reports output both Geodetic and Ground coordinates with combined scale factors.
  STAR*NET produces the ALTA - NSPS results you need for your surveys.
  "The Positional Uncertainty of any physical point on a survey, whether the location of that point was established using GPS or conventional surveying methods, may be computed using a minimally constrained, correctly weighted least squares adjustment of the points on the survey." - from the ALTA - NSPS Land Title Surveys 2011 requirements.
  It has data converters for all types of formats.
  Designed for converting raw data from various data collection packages into STAR*NET data format
  Converters are available for most data formats including TDS, Carlson, TSC (Trimble), SMI, and a variety of levels including Topcon and Leica.
  Even some hardware manufacturers (Leica, Trimble & others) have recognized the benefit of offering conversion utilities for converting data into STAR*NET .DAT format.
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