FGA New Features

As we approach the end of 2021, MicroSurvey Software is reaching out to showcase the features in our most recent FieldGenius for Android™ release. These features are fundamental for conventional total station users who are looking to get into an Android™ product, anyone who works with road designs alignments in LandXML files and anyone who is just looking to increase their field surveying efficiency.

Instrument support for conventional total stations – vital when you need to collect data where the GPS unit does not get coverage, or you need increased accuracy in your results.

Updates to the LandXML importer to support the import of alignments – users are now able to perform station offset staking relative to a referenced road. This function is essential to users who need to stakeout features such as turn lanes and road transitions while referencing a design centerline.

GNSS Temporary Height Function – The user is now able to set a temporary antenna height if required to help increase data collection efficiency while in the field.

Along with FieldGenius for Android™2.0, MicroSurvey has also recently released STAR*NET 11 and MicroSurveyCAD 2022. Now is the perfect time to reach out to your Sales Representative or Dealer – Software Prices are increasing on January 1st and MicroSurvey is offering Year-End incentives until December 31st. Take advantage of these incentives and boost your surveying workflow to the next level!