• 2020July 28

FieldGenius for Android™ 1.6

Custom Coordinate System
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Users can now define a custom coordinate system if the MicroSurvey coordinate system
library does not meet their needs. The customer coordinate system will be stored with
the project data once it has been defined. The customer coordinate system will still be
transformed to display on the map view screen with background maps. The custom
coordinate system will be saved with the project information. Using the FGA back up
feature customers can be archived with the project to be restored and used on another
android device so that they do not have to define the customer coordinate system by
hand on other devices
Web Map Services (WMS) Access
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The ability to access WMS servers allows users to access and display a variety of map
background images in the Map view screen with their filed observations and line work.
Customers can access government and private WMS information like cadastral map or
topo maps and have them displayed as a background map image. It is easy to configure,
just go to settings and the map tiles page and a new WMS tile is available that will allow
you to add multiple WMS sources. Once the source is added you can select it to be
available. Then on the map view just tap the map icon and select the WMS option.
Project Archive and Restore
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Allows a user to back up and archive a project for data protection and to share. Customer
can back up projects multiple times and differentiate the version by the time stamp in the
file name.
Line Staking
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FGA now support staking of polylines and the display of line stations and offset.
Customers can now easily switch between Line segment and polyline staking using the
line data panel and not have to leave the staking map view screen. To stake the complete
line select the polyline option. To stake individual line segments select the line segment
option. For line segments on the map view screen it just takes a tap on the bottom toolbar
to select the line segment you want to work with. The station and offset are visible in the
observation toolbar, half screen or full screen mode making it easy to see the staking
values and relationships on the map.

Three Point Tilt Solution

FGA has expanded support or tilt measurements to include using a three point solution for GNSS devices with an inclinometer. This is in addition to the IMU tilt support released in version 1.5.

  • 2020May 20

FieldGenius for Android™ 1.5

Alphanumeric Point numbering

Users can now use alphanumeric point numbering to provide more meaningful identification of the observed points. The points can have letters before and after a point number. This can help users in the field identify different types on points by the number alone.

Tilt Measurement support

Support for the tilt measurement feature on select GNSS receivers that utilize the IMU tilt technology.

Import DXF files as xRef background layer

Allows a user to import a CAD DXF file from a desktop CAD program. The DXF file can be imported as either an import where all points and lines are added to the project database or as an xRef background image.

Select DXF elements and add to project data

On the xREF data panel a Selectable toggle is now available for .dxf files. With the toggle on the user can tap a .dxf point or line element on the map and then choose to add it to the project database. A user can then stake the point or line or include the line segment as part of a line when editing.
  • 2020Mar 6

FieldGenius for Android™ 1.4

Raw Data Logging

Users can enable raw data logging when setting up a GNSS Reference receiver if raw data logging is supported on the receiver. Depending on the receiver the user can select different raw data logging formats. Once raw data logging is configured the user can easily start and stop the raw data logging from the GNSS Reference Profile page.

Stake Points and Lines

Users can now quickly stake a point or line from the survey map view screen. Open the Point or Line data panel and select a point or line and then the STAKE option. The application will open the staking screen and set the point or line as active for staking.

Curves Survey, Staking, Import/Export

Users can now stake to a point on the curve line.  A blue navigation line and navigation solution displayed in the observation toolbar will help the user navigate to a point on the curved line. 

GNSS Report

Users can now create a GNSS report of project observations that can include up to 56 different data elements.

Custom Code List

Users can now customize the points code list with new codes and save it as a custom code file.  When creating a new project users can now select a custom code file to use with the project.

Improvement Program

Users can now opt in to be part of the MicroSurvey software improvement program.  This will provided MicroSurvey with information on program function and encountered issues to help MicroSurvey improve the product and customer experience. As part of the Software improvement program MicroSurvey does not collect any of the following data, name, email address, GNSS positions, content of your project files or information about apps unrelated to FieldGenius for Android.

Point Filter

Uses can filter the point list by the assigned point codes.