In today’s video, we are joined by Teddy Ohana, a Third-Generation Licensed Land Surveyor in the state of California and verified STAR*NET user to discuss the usefulness of integrating side shots into STAR*NET Least Squares Adjustments.

Side shots are any station that are sighted just once in the survey and are neither occupied nor backsighted. It’s typical for these points to be detail or topo observations that you may want to plot later in your CAD file but are not otherwise important to the least squares adjustment.

STAR*NET converters have always had options to allow users to ask STAR*NET to write observations as side shots. However, with the release of STAR*NET 10 and 11, a new feature was added in STAR*NET that allows the side shots to be automatically identified during the adjustment, increasing the efficiency of the software.

Check out the video to discover how integrating side shots into your network adjustments will improve your STAR*NET experience.