• 2023Aug 15

MicroSurvey CAD 2023

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This year we focused on reworking the product under the hood, guided by feedback from you, our most trusted advisors, and users. Your feedback directly influences workflow enhancements and the development of features that you’ve requested. The primary focus of MicroSurvey CAD 2023 development centered around increasing the stability and reliability of the MicroSurvey CAD suite of tools that you use every day. These improvements have not only resulted in greatly enhanced efficiency in MicroSurvey CAD, both they have also found their way into the development of our all-new product; SurveyTools™ for BricsCAD®, released earlier this quarter.
  • 2022Mar 30

MicroSurvey CAD 2022 Service Pack 1

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MicroSurvey CAD 2022 SP1 improves the overall stability of the 2022 release by adding the new stability-focused IntelliCAD 10.1a engine and providing fixes for important defects, such as ASCII Export and Transfer Points between Projects.

  • 2021Dec 22

MicroSurvey CAD 2022

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MicroSurvey CAD 2022 includes an engine upgrade to the IntelliCAD 10.1 service pack, as well as the addition of checkout protocols for previously introduced floating licenses.

This release includes several high-priority fixes, streaming background imagery, 3Dconnexion device support, table and array objects, sheet sets, dynamic block support, a new CLONE command, and much more.

  • 2021July 7

MicroSurvey CAD 2021 Service Pack 2

Floating Licenses
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Run MicroSurvey CAD without using a USB key. Floating licenses allow users to access perpetual licenses of MicroSurvey CAD from any workstation that has had the floating license activated on it. License seats are consumed by running the program and returned when the program is closed.
Start Page
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Users can now create proper MicroSurvey projects, set working folders, set templates, view news, and access social media pages, online training, tutorial videos, and the helpdesk from the start page.
Attribute Labels
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The AutoMap library has had a new “process attributes” button added. Clicking this button will apply any defined Attribute Labels to smart points in the project.
Attribute Filter
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The attribute filter has been made available directly within the drawing. Use the ATTR_FILTER command to control the display of GIS objects in your projects.
  • 2021Feb 17

MicroSurvey CAD 2021 Service Pack 1

IntelliCAD 10.0a
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Performance enhancements and bug fixes highlight this release. New options in Multiline text, including subscript, superscript, and strikethrough formatting; spell checking and paragraph formatting provide optimal text editing. Newly introduced keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily tab through multiple layouts and hide unnecessary panels in your drawing pane.
Arc Label Enhancements
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On-curve Arctext labels have been improved, adding an “always-up” feature so they don’t appear upside down, easy editing using the MicroSurvey text editor, and user-set text offset.
License Dialog
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An all-new modernized license dialog provides easy-to-use licensing workflows, access to the helpdesk, online training courses, and trial requests. Large, descriptive buttons and a full list of available licenses and sources allow you to choose precisely the licensing method you prefer.
  • 2020Nov 10

MicroSurvey CAD 2021

IntelliCAD 10
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Merge your past CUI to the current program with CUI migration tools. Display surfaces and modeled objects in new visual styles and materials with new lighting methods. Greater stability with a wider range of graphics cards and improved visual quality. Modify your projects more easily with dynamic input and selection cycling.
Shapefile Export & Attribute Table
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Export your projects to shapefile for easy submission to your GIS department or governing agency. Automatic division of data into appropriate shapefiles means that you can export any selection of data, or your entire project, in a couple easy steps. The new shapefile export supports GIS, DBX, FieldGenius, and CAD data simultaneously. Use the new Attribute Table Export function to quickly export a selection of points and attributes to a .csv file for review.
Auto Add Points to Objects
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“Convert” an entire project from Civil 3D to a MicroSurvey project by adding points to all objects, while maintaining correct point IDs and descriptions! Use the Auto Add Points to Objects function (AUTOP) to extract the point ID, description, and location of Civil 3D COGO points to create matching MicroSurvey points.
Simple Point Cloud Import
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Import .las, .e57, and .pts files directly into MicroSurvey CAD, rather than setting up databases in Cyclone or Jetstream when paired with an active license of Leica Cyclone Publisher or Leica Jetstream Publisher.
  • 2020Feb 11

MicroSurvey CAD 2020 Service Pack

Leica DBX Attributes
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Point attributes are now imported from Leica Viva/Captivate DBX projects via the DBXIN command.
Attribute data is viewable via the Attributes button on the Single Point Editor dialog or the Attributes column in the Active Coordinate Editor window.
  • 2019Nov 5

MicroSurvey CAD 2020

IntelliCAD 9.2
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AutoCAD 2018 .dwg files
Open, edit, and save AutoCAD 2018 format .dwg files for maximum compatibility with AutoCAD 2018-2020 products. Includes new support for DWF and DWFx file types.
BIM Models
New object types, as well as elevation lines and section lines to review 3D entities.
Selection Cycling
New options for selection cycling are available from the Options dialog
Undo/Redo Lists
Undo/Redo now contain lists of commands, allowing the user to undo/redo several operations at once.
Digital Signatures
Digital signatures are now able to be applied to .dwg files for protection
Clean Screen
The user may now hide the ribbon and command line in a single button click.
A new block editor is included, and users may access blocks from tool palettes.
Start Page
A start page displays recent projects and helpful tips.
Clickable Keywords
Certain commands contain clickable keywords so the user does not need to type to complete the prompts.
Curve Detection Lot Closure
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The lot closure tool will now detect ArcAlignedText labels for auto-entry.
Curve Label Creation
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Label On Curve now uses ArcAlignedText objects, rather than several individual single-line text objects to annotate an arc.
Edit ArcAlignedText
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The user may use the IntelliCAD ArcText command to edit ArcAlignedText labels
SmartPoly Curve Labels
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Label On Curve now applies ArcAlignedText objects to polyline arcs, not just Arc entities.
  • 2019Apr 15

MicroSurvey CAD 2019 Service Pack

Powered by IntelliCAD 9.0a

MicroSurvey CAD 2019 SP1 is powered by the latest IntelliCAD technology, IntelliCAD 9.0a.See below for additional details about what's new and fixed in IntelliCAD 9.0a.

MicroSurvey Analytics Program

An opt-in analytics system has been added which will help MicroSurvey Software Inc. learn how MicroSurvey CAD is being used.

GIS Import

The GIS Import command has been enhanced to include elevation feature selection, which allows users to import GIS files, including shapefiles, as 3-dimensional objectsElevation attribute units are set independently from the GIS file unitsA zoom-to-extents option has been added to improve functionality