SurveyTools for BricsCAD logo
Basic lot and subdivision creation tools
Cadastral annotation tools
MicroSurvey LISP extension to allow the creation of custom routines
Lot Closures (map check) and metes and bounds descriptions
Import/Export ASCII, LandXML and geodetic point files
Staking Reports and QA tools
Smart Lines, arcs, polylines and labels
Dynamic spreadsheet view of point database and traverse files
Geodetic tools, ground-to-grid scaling, KML export
Import shape files and GIS data
Streamlined COGO tools
Smart points with built-in point protection and audit trail
Building Library and house placement routines
Advanced survey computation tools: Best-fit/Helmert’s/Adjustments
Field to Finish automated diagramming
Traverse editing and adjustment
WMS support: load aerial imagery and maps from web mapping services
Background aerial imagery and maps from Microsoft Bing